Extensive features of site builder

Site builder have extensive features for creating and editing site. You can start your own site after 5 minutes when you start creating in site builder!

170 templates

It is more simple to create site with different templates.

Adaptive design

Your site will be look good on any display.

Easy managing

You don't need technical skills to create a site.


You can tune all major parameters for Google and Yandex.


We created comfortable and balanced plans line that's why you pay only for features what you need.

      How can you use site builder?

      We describe only common cases that our customers use, but this descriptions is only small part of many other variants of using!

      Company site

      You can create site of your company just for a few minutes and you can to print your site name on the business cards and advert your site on the Internet.

      Portfolio gallery

      If you are designer, artist or photographer. Special portfolio plugin will help you create attractive site, that attract new customers.


      Do you have something to tell other people on the Internet - your hobbies, experience or travelling? Let's start your blog after few minutes. Convenient design constructor will help you create individual and attractive design.


      This stories of people who are already using site-builder. Our special correspondent told us this stories and how people changed their life.

      Leonard - is the logo-designer who just start his professional career that's why his customer base is very small. Leonard decided to create own site, but, unfortunately, he didn't know how to do it. Thanks to site-builder and it's powerful visual editor, designer created great site, where he placed his portfolio.


      Rajesh - is the photographer, he likes travelling all over the world and share his emotions with others. Social networks is very small for this case, and he wants to tell others in the world about his travel experience. That's why Rajesh created his own site and after his site was created it was found by manager of big cars company, and now they often invite him into different press-tours.


      Penny - is the businessman. Penny is the owner of SPA center where many regular customers. But Penny wants to tell others in the world about her SPA center and get customers from the internet and other advertising channels. That's why she decided to create her own site. Penny opened our site-builder, after 5 minutes she created main sections of her site, and after 1 hour her site was completely finished, - now she can share her site with friends.


      Damien - is the priest. He is serving in small Siberian church for a long times and decided to tell about this church for those people who can't visit this church. Damien decided to create simple site in site-builder. Damien uploaded photos of nature, maked map, wrote about everyday life and placed feedback form. Thanks to his answers to a questions, many peoples know about him and church outside the district.


      Kitty - is the cat. She is 2 y.o. She has one characteristic: her mew is very loud. One day her owner decided to put on the map his cat and created site about her, shared some videos on the site, told about her life in his house, and placed payment form to pay for her feed. After one year due to the increased popularity of site, Kitty and her owner was provided food for the rest of their life.


      Karla - is the farmer. Since 2014 a ban on imports of cheese in Russia and Karla decided to open new business. She have had cow, equipment, but sales was bad - local people buy products, but amount was small. Due the problem with budget for site Karla choosed site-builder for creating online store. After half-year Karla selling about 1 car of mozzarella a week and plan to increase production.

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