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SSD VPS/VDS — modern solution for medium and large projects with the attendance of 1,000+ people per day.



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Based on: KVM / OpenVZ



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Virtualization is implemented at the operating system level, which is based on the Linux kernel. This solution combines low cost and high performance.


The software solution, which provides virtualization at the hardware level (virtualization functions performed by CPU). The advantages of this solution is a flexible configuration, supporting multiple operating systems and a higher level of isolation environments than the OpenVZ technology.

We recommend VPS hosting if:

— you want a smooth operation of your site;
— you're a web-studio or hosting-reseller;
— the security and confidentiality is very important for you;
— you have a high load project;
— your site requires nontrivial settings of software;
— you're programmer who needs a custom development tools;

Advantages of MNE.RU VPS:

— high speed of your sites and scripts;
— settings flexibility - you can configure software for your needs;
— failover. We use only modern reliable and effective solutions.;
— VPS-hosting allows you to place high load projects that require powerful server.;

If you choose MNE.RU Linux VPS, you'll also get the qualified 24/7 technical support and best price for all services.

You may choose any preinstalled OS: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu.

VPS – perfect business solution that require stable quality and security.